children of the night

Remy Banks, “7th Heaven (Interlude)”

An incomplete narrative and a glimpse into the life of the Queens rapper.

A tour of Queens with Nasty Nigel

The Children of the Night MC is our guide to the local landmarks.

Stream: Hot Sugar's Made Man EP

An EP chock full of all-stars like Open Mike Eagle, Kool A.d. and Antwon.

World's Fair, Bastards of the Party

A posse record that hasn't gone this H.A.M. since Onyx's Bacdafucup.

Hot Sugar, “Leverage” (feat. Kool A.D., Fat Tony, Lakutis, Nasty Nigel)

Abandoned beach side rap that embodies the The Firm's "Phone Tap", only doper.

New New York: The false prophecy

It's been a year since the resurgence was announced, but what do we have to show for it?

Red Bull Sound Select Presents Sean Price at Glasslands Gallery


World's Fair, “96 Knicks”

Maybe the group could do a sequel about how Jeff Van Gundy tried to take down Alonzo Mourning?

Freddie Gibbs, Children of the Night, Fat Tony, and Push Montana at Santos Party House

The Rap party kicks off their series with a stellar lineup of some of our favorite rappers.

Remy Banks, “GLDCHN” feat. Bodega Bamz

One of the kids from Queens steps out to let his chain swing.

2012 in Impose Parties

Looking back at 2012 through our many parties.

Best free music of 2012

The best mixtapes and digital drops of the year.

Children of the Night live at the Impose 10yr anniversary

We threw a party in honor of ourselves. Children of the Night was there.

Hot Sugar, “Honeycomb Hideout”

Hot Sugar, Honeycomb Hideout, Midi Murder.

Noisey’s Acid Alumni Show with Flatbush Zombies and more at Santos Party House

Noisey presents a stellar hip hop show at Santos for CMJ.

children of the night

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