cold showers

Week in Pop: The Fatty Acids, Free Music, HSY

Ballroom Cancer, Dionysian Mysteries, Salem Wolves, Zenith Myth, guest selections by Junglepussy.

Cold Showers, “Plantlife”

Four minutes of CGI existentialism from the LA punks.

Cold Showers, “Only Human”

A French connection weaponizes self-doubt in the band’s second single.

Cold Showers, “Plantlife”

Hammering home a place in post-punk electric infamy.

Week in Pop: bentcousin, Foot Village, Nomadic Firs, Young Fathers

The week's dreamers and schemers of indie pop in one convenient place.

Week in Pop: Jack Davey/ L0-F!, Michael Stasis, Yucky Slime

Impose's Week in Pop beats the big Billboard as the uprise of upstarts march forth.

Week in Pop: Dag Savage, Shannon & the Clams, Toby Goodshank

Crashing the pop stadiums and heading into the post-season with another Fall preview.

Cold Showers, “BC”

It's probably about love, but what about patriotism?

Week in Pop: Agent Ribbons, Has-Lo, King Dude

Better than Sizzler's all-you-can-eat shrimp special; here's this week's pop poster of stars.

Cold Showers, “Double Life”

Cold Showers' cover of the Cars song is less new wave and more dark wave…

Week in Pop: Iamsu!, Moonbell, and Opossum

Flash your devil horns, it's the Week in Pop.

Week in Pop: Danny Brown, Grass Widow, Howse

Gathering up the all the week's bytes and discs in one convenient location.

Week in Pop: Horse Head, Quakers, Shout Out Out Out Out

Beyond the guestlists, VIPs and buzz; it's the Week in Pop showcase.

Cold Showers, “So I Can Grow” alt-take

Peeling back the cool for some sentimentality.

Impose and Art Fag present: 3 Nites During the Con

Starts tonight!

cold showers

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