crash symbols

HITS, “Know What I Mean”

From former members of Explode into Colors and !!!.

Afraid, “Baby Fangs ’77”

How slow can you go?

Stream Al Lover’s Cave Ritual LP

We’ve covered every release until now, but this is the official arrival.

Fishers, “Arizona Broke”

Transfixing patterns of sound from Dale Eisinger’s solo project.

Stream Michael RJ Saalman’s Lxus Shaq

Cyborg pop songs.

Al Lover announces Sacred Drugs

A new psych-beat record featuring a guest appearance by Morgan Delt.

Sam Gas Can, “Anna On The Phone”

Play it again, Sam.

Stream the b-side of Little Spoon's Girlfriend Forever CS

Cam Potter fux with the future in his latest pop collection.

Crash Symbols Presents: Touched By an Angle comp

A 33 track compilation that speaks to the vastness of Internet-based electronica.

The Best Music of February 2014

The unlikely Brooklyn heroes of the month.

Yom San, “I'm A Grown Up, For Real”

Are you ready for a Girl Talk, DJ Screw, and XM Radio mash-up cassette?

Cream Dream, Saturday EP

Backtrack 48 hours when the existence of Monday was abstract.

Aria Rostami, “Delete”

A debut from the side of the cassette that denies ode, influence, and past bonds.

Michael RJ Saalman, “Cancerous”

Hymns to enrich one's morning.

Plastic Flowers, “Ghosts (feat. Keep Shelly In Athens)”

A match made in the Mediterranean.

crash symbols

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