crown plaza

Week in Pop: Burnt Palms, PURSES, Silent Wave, Western Medication

Brothers in Law, Crown Plaza, Great Pagans, Jesse R. Berlin, Leland Sundries, Pompeya, & Essaie pas.

Year in Pop: 2015

Select interviews & insights from 2015’s Week in Pop editions at a glance.

Week in Pop: Confident Hitmakers, Guides, Shade

Bent Denim, James Roehl, Kristeen Young, ft. guest selections by Kool A.D.

Week in Pop: Crown Plaza, The Fourth Wall, Konig, Pangs, Pleasers

MacGillivray, Midnight Plus One, Letter Yellow, United Ghosts, London O’Connor guest selections.

Week in Pop: Crows, Jay Som, Pastel Ghost, RA, Spritzer

Buffalo Rodeo, MÆNIFESTO, Penicillin Baby, Seaweed Salad, co-curated by Meredith Graves.

Week in Pop: Human Touch (formerly GNTLMN), Hustle & Drone, Kiev, The Morning Clouds

Community Radio, Dada Plan, FVLCRVM, GYMSHORTS, co-curated by Face Tat.

Premiere: So Many Wizards, “Daydream”

Dream angel casts painted eyes upon all backyard daydreamers.

So Many Wizards, “Daydream” (Keith Sweaty's Nightmare remix)

Indie LA by Tucson mirage pop gets redone with plenty of club clamor.

So Many Wizards, “Night Chills”

Sounds of saguaros, rattlesnakes, sudden monsoons, trillions of colors, stars, & sunset glows.

Crown Plaza, “Reactor”

Nima Kazerouni is a ghost in your tapedeck and on the life guard decks of Venice Beach.

Debut: So Many Wizards, “Lose Your Mind”

A premiere of romantic daydreaming fantasias plus a conversation with frontman, Nima Kazerouni.

Crown Plaza, “Reactor”

So Many Wizards frontman Nima Kazerouni shares the opening cut from his solo side.

Week in Pop: Ethan Daniel Davidson, Roc Marciano, Social Studies

Exploring the floral and tending to the gardens of pop.

crown plaza

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