Best free music of 2012

The best mixtapes and digital drops of the year.

Schoolboy Q, Habits & Contradictions

One way to take us by surprise is to select a Lex Luger beat devoid of rage and thump.

Week in Pop: Gucci Mane, Gem Club, Jacuzzi Boys

Hype, hop and Gross Magic.

Curren$y, Verde Terrace

Questions get answered, only to have more raised.

Wiz, Sean & Spitta been kickin' it.

At this point, we're almost to an EP's worth of weed rap.

Pitchfork Fest Day 1

Curren$y's Weekend At Burnie's

Reviving the dead one kush rolled joint at a time.

Smoke sumfin' to Curren$y's Covert Coup

Jet Life meets Alchemist production as a gift for the stoner holiday.

Curren$y & The Alchemist

The sounds you want to hear while stepping out of a coupe you just hot boxed.

Week In Pop: Jet Life crew and Yuck

Hipper than J. Leto and an entire army of fixie d-bags.

Curren$y's new album/film

Three albums in three months? Is he making a run at a repeat performance in 2011?

Stalley talks trash and Trunk Music

On playing against Lebron in high school, repping the O-H-I-O, and his new album.

Fiend rises from the blunt ashes

The elder statesman of the N.O.

Curren$y, Michael Rocks, Tabi Bonney

Never put the three best reasons to check your mixtape on one song.

Curren$y, Return To The Winner's Circle

Enjoying a victory lap and the champagne shower.


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