Music book club with NYC’s Darlings

Running down the NYC band’s  favorite musician-penned books.

Darlings, “Mein the Sky”

Sweet, warming garage pop for colder days.

Eternal Summers, Darlings and BOYTOY at Knitting Factory

Eternal Summers perform in Brooklyn before hitting the road.

The So So Glos, California X, Palehound and Darlings at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Why not have some rock music while you eat food and do holiday shopping?

Gothamist announces Brooklyn Night Bazaar lineup

Something to look forward to after our show this Saturday.

Premiere: Darlings, “Extras Talk to Extras”

In a neon pink haze, we ask who is watching whom?

Total Slacker at 285 Kent Ave

Totes Slacker Totes Played Toteseightyfive Kentotes.

Darlings, “Floor Boy”

A perfect trip to the pavement on this party-fueling fuzzer of a jam.

Darlings, “Nothing I Don't Care For”

Just pretend it's not winter and enjoy some sunshine pop already.

Week in Pop: Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz), Dark Colour, Jason Lytle & Sea of Bees

Don't cry bro, we got all the turkey leftovers and Thanksgiving hits you can handle.

Darlings remixed by their Russian stepdad

Dad was all like, "In Soviet Russia muzak plays you."

Shark?, Darlings, Celestial Shore, RElyse @ 285 Kent on July 25

A selection of women from a woozy evening.

Week in Pop: Isaiah Toothtaker & Rapewolf, Kid Simpl, Raymond Byron & the White Freighter

Creatures, features, and sounds by the pound from this week's pop favorites.

Debut: Wavepool Abortion, “Splish Splash”

The new side of Darlings from NYC, not Moscow.

Night 3: Snakes Say Hisss, Sisters, Tony Castles

Closest exit, take the crowd surf aisle.


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