daveed diggs

clipping., Youth Code, and World War at Knitting Factory

clipping. begin their first US tour since 2014 in Brooklyn.

True Neutral Crew, “Modern Art”

“It don’t have to make sense.”

clipping’s Daveed Diggs nominated for a Tony Award

We knew him back when…

Rap politics in 2016 with Abdu Ali & SB the Moor

Two starkly different explorations of the African diaspora.

Deathbomb Arc releasing Daveed Diggs’ Small Things To A Giant on cassette

clipping. frontman’s early solo work is getting rereleased on cassette.

Clipping members & Signor Benedick the Moor, “12:00am”

A trippy collaboration testing how far the rabbit hole goes.

ATP Iceland 2015: Day 3

ATP Iceland comes to end with sets by clipping., Lightning Bolt, Swans, and more.

clipping. release two new tracks with t-shirt giveaway

It’s clipping. & friends, bitch.

Afropunk Festival 2014 portraits

Portraits of some of our favorite performers, fans, and the impeccably dressed at Afropunk 2014.

Bombing the Pigeonhole: an interview with clipping.

Pegged as noise rap, we deconstructed the flimsy title keeping the trio down.

clipping., “Story 2”

clipping. tells the worst bedtime stories.

Daveed Diggs of clipping. gets the James Lipton-meets-Nardwuar treatment

The “Please don’t call it ‘Noise-Rap'” episode.

True Neutral Crew, #MONSANTO

Members of Foot Village and clipping. drop the first of many mixtapes.

clipping. “Killer (Back To The Future The Ride remix)”

The legendary return of the Universal Studios ride moniker remixes and rides again.

Clipping remix Foot Village's “This Song Is A Drug Deal”

Daveed Diggs of Clipping reassures us this song don't give a fuck.

daveed diggs

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