david lynch

Listen to Xiu Xiu perform the music of Twin Peaks

Fire walks with Jamie Stewart and co.

Stream Kid Moxie’s 1888

We discuss cinematic pop, all-star collaborations, and meditation with Kid Moxie.

Panic Dancing: Deep Space, Deserts, and Verma

Spanning dimensions and coiling elegantly with the Chicago band.

Record Store Day: A Staff List of Hits & Bullshit

The good, the bad, the legendarily busty.

Temporary Residence Ltd. to release album of Ultraísta remixes

It features Four Tet, David Lynch, FaltyDL, ERAAS, and more.

David Lynch, “I'm Waiting Here” (feat. Lykke Li)

Never thought we'd see the day we'd post a Lykke Li song without malice or irony.

White Blush, “Neptune”

Fall into Carol Rhyu's solemn serenity spaces between sky and sea.

Debut: Hey Mother Death, “You Left Me”

The sound of Jane Birkin whispering death threats in your ear for leaving her at the altar.

Sacred Bones celebrates 5 years

Taylor Brode and Caleb Braaten discuss the first five years of their label.

Walsh continues his reign over 80s synth jams

Stream the Polyphony EP while you fight androids and drive speedboats on cocaine.

Sacred Bones Releases Eraserhead Soundtrack

The record label goes all out on one of film's most unique soundtrack recordings.

Week in Pop: Kilo Kish, Nite Fields, Part Time

Popping the politics for 2012's first batch of Pop.

The 200 most average releases of 2011

You know we're right.

The most average releases of November 2011

Lou Reed, always and forever The Table.

Week in Pop: Cloud Nothings, Georgia Anne Muldrow, RLMDL

The Week in Pop gravy boat

david lynch

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