Week in Pop: Animal Eyes, Happy You, The Jungle

Bruce Smear, Caleb Nichols, Unstoppable Death Machines, co-curated by La Hell Gang.

Week in Pop: Brasil, Chicks Who Love Guns, Victory

Along with support, and exclusive words from Absolutely Free, & Sirs.

DD/MM/YYYY Share Unreleased Material

Surprise! They're back! Oh wait… now they're gone again. God, these guys are cool.

Silent Barn is back!

Are we selfish for being so happy it's close to our offices?

Absolutely Free live up to their name

On one song at least.

Child Bite, “Begin The Hiss”

DD/MM/YYYY's drummer joins the weirdos from Michigan.

DD/MM/YYYY call it a day (month and year)

One of our favorites head out to pasture on a high note.

Val Kilmer and DD/MM/YYYY share a dance

Things get steamy in Toronto, eh?

Fucked Up + Double Dagger + DD/MM/YYYY

DD/MM/YYYY weather Women’s indefinite hiatus

Tour updates from the Canadians who are still a band.

dd/mm/yyyy trounce Toronto in tight pants for “I'm Still in the Walls”

Dime store budget, million dollar spandex opportunities.

In the beginning, there was this DD/MM/YYYY value-pak

A 12-inch, a 7-inch, one blue (silk) screen of death.

NYC: Last minute show with DD/MM/YYYY, Tough Knuckles, Fiasco, Human Resources


DD/MM/YYYY teams up with Beak>, tours with Women

We're like proud parents sporting that honor student bumper sticker.

Hanging out in Toronto with DD/MM/YYYY

The band proves to be the perfect ambassadors for their city.


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