Thor Harris Talks Thor & Friends (Out Now), Building His Own House, and Inspiration

“I’m 51 and I’m still a super voracious consumer of new music.”

New Artist Drea Shares “Take Me Home”, Is A Midwest Girl at Heart

“A lot of this boils down to confidence.”

Channeling Premieres Self-Titled Debut Album

A cacophony of sound, rich in texture.

Stream Meet Your Death’s Self-Titled Debut Album

Meet Your Death

Super American, “Congratulations”

A simple, unique, and fun introduction to a rad group of guys.

Sean of Wooly Mammoths Talks Upcoming Music, Lactose Intolerance

“Nobody ate it afterwards, though.”

Heavy Drag, “S 2 9”

Dark and mysterious.

Toby Coke, “Time Negator”


Henry Chadwick, “Overtime”

Its simplicity and clarity show off the music and lyrics perfectly.

Pearl Lion, “Big Sky”

Poignant and immersive.

Alexa Wilding, “Wolves”

“It’s a song of frustration as well as a call to arms.”

Sur Back Releases Debut EP Kitsch, Talks Foray Into The Arts

“I think my move away from the dance world was rooted in the catharsis of using my voice and my hands.”

Stream Hektor Fontanez’s Outsider’s Paradise Before It’s Available Anywhere Else

Hektor leads by example in his experimental genre-crossing and eclectic collection of effects.

The Stargazer Lilies, “Golden Key”

Sound almost reverberating off the visuals.


He shoots, he scores on this sultry, soulful track.


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