definitive jux

Words Hurt, Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit

Misanthropic anxiety rap from the remnants of Definitive Jux.

Dfalt, “Life At Def Jux Mix”

Nostalgic for the days when El-P was his boss.


Built from the remnants of Atoms Family and Definitive Jux's Hanger 18.

Cryptic One returns with FYSM

The former member of Atoms Family continues to the legacy with a new album.

Restoring vintage tubes with RJD2

The producer talks equipment restoration and leaving behind sample-based music.

Uncommon Nasa, “Background Check”

The former Definitive Jux engineer goes solo for progressive hip hop.

Jabee, “Stephanie” (prod. by El-P)

The Oklahoma rapper that opened for El-P on the Into The Wild Tour used his time wisely.

Killer Mike & El-P: We've come so far.

It took Prefuse 73's big budget mixtape and DJ Shadow's hyphy to get here.

El-P, “The Full Retard”

The Philip K. Dick of this rap shit is back.

The Crack Epidemic finds splendor in modern woes

A collection of swan songs from the last active Hanger 18 member.

Danny! meets Danny, Brown that is.

What if there can be more than one Highlander?

Camu Tao's posthumous record

Listen to "Perfect Plan," the first leak from the album.

Bisco Smith remixed by Scott Thorough

Adult Swim remixes ATL

Do we care about Danny?

definitive jux

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