DINOWALRUS, “Kings Pharmacy (Max Mix)”

It's dancey as hell, but still weird as hell.

The Playoff Diaries: Memphis BBQ memories and more buzzer beaters

Fitting in viewings at home, in the studio, and on his phone riding the Flyaway bus.

DINOWALRUS, “Psychic Pharmacy”

Announcing a new record from the Brooklyn weirdos of disco.

Dinowalrus launches Kickstarter in support of new album

Get at the chance to support a promising summer release.

Suuns, Rose Windows and Dinowalrus at (le) Poisson Rouge

No finer way to spend a Wednesday evening than with Suuns, Rose Windows & Dinowalrus.

Suuns, Rose Windows, and Dinowalrus at Le Poisson Rouge

Extend your Labor Day weekend with us.

The Yellow Dogs, Dinowalrus, EULA and Shark? at Brooklyn Bowl

The night before Northside Festival began, we saw an all Brooklyn lineup at Brooklyn Bowl.

Crystal Stilts, The So So Glos, Dinowalrus, Heaven's Gate and Trabajo at Knitting Factory

WHCS presents a show at Knitting Factory that gets us out of the house on a Sunday night.

Dinowalrus, “No Expectations” (Rolling Stones cover)

Paying homage to the Stones, Robert Johnson, 60s psyche, and the future in one swoop.

Week in Pop: CCERULEANN, Dinowalrus, Hilly Eye, Nocando

We got your round up of heroes & villians, winners, losers and Chardonnay boozers.

Zulu Winter and Dinowalrus at Mercury Lounge

Where can you find a Dinowalrus? Opening for Zulu Winter at the Mercury Lounge.

Debut: Dinowalrus remixed by A Certain Ratio

A casual hook-up success story on Twitter that doesn't involve coitus.

Ten Years of Parts & Labor

The history of the band, told poster by poster, on the eve of their last show.

Week in Pop: First Person Shootr, RxGibbs, Sugar Tongue Slip

Gorging ourselves on the pre-game Week in Pop excesses.

Week in Pop: Kurt Von Stetten, Main Attrakionz, Royal Baths

Portioning out pop picks. (Plus, a ticket giveaway!)


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