Don Giovanni Records

Week in Pop: Baseball Gregg, Elijah, Rachel Mason, Warm Deltas

Dreamboy, Foreign/National, Go Dark, Lucky + Love, Reduction Plan, Ronnie Heart, guested by MUNA.

Week in Pop: Andy Clockwise, Ezinma, Rabbit Rabbit

Don Tigra, Bible Pilot, Fog Lake, Jennifer O’Connor, The Loom, guest selections by Antwon.

Don Giovanni Records announces The New Alternative Music Festival

“A pro-weirdo event held in direct opposition to the apolitical sludge.”

Shellshag, Giant Peach, and Natural Sway at Suburbia

Jennifer and John play a house party.

Giant Peach, “Unintentional”

Punk all over.

Shellshag, Vacation, Downtown Boys, and Bad Canoes at The Bell House

Shellshag released Why’d I Have To Get So High and celebrate with some of their fellow bands signed to Don Giovanni.

The Best Labels of 2015

Recognizing the people who invest in the music we love.

Week in Pop: 14KT, Co-pilgrim, Dap City, ONO, White Laces

Adult Bodies, Head Over Heart, Kooley High, Liphemra, Slaughter Beach, & Alex G guest selects.

Week in Pop: Barleaux, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Shade

Ars Phoenix, Bluelily, Jimmy Turturici, Major Murphy, Social Studies, The Wyrms, ft. Childbirth.

Laura Stevenson, “Torch Song”

The first single from her fourth album.

Screaming Females, Downtown Boys, Izzy True playing annual free Don Giovanni fest

Daytime hangs in New Brunswick.

Shellshag Premieres Season 2, Episode 10 of Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision

Featuring Ben Snakepit of Ghost Knife.

Downtown Boys made a pilgrimage to Selena’s monument

Downtown Boys travel to the south with Screaming Females and three disposable cameras.

Week in Pop: Clearance, Negative Death, Skelets On Me, Tearjerker, YJY

Empire Machines, Good Try, Haunted, Sharks’ Teeth, SomeBodyParts, Sporting Life, & Cities Aviv.

Aye Nako, “Worms”

A new track from The Blackest Eye.

Don Giovanni Records

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