Don Giovanni

Izzy True, “Swole”

Get huge (but don’t forget to stretch).

Tenement, “Hive of Hives”

Track 20 of 25 from the Wisconsin trio’s forthcoming double album.

Worriers, “They/Them/Theirs”

Respect pronouns, identities, people.

Tenement, “Dull Joy”

The first single from the Wisconsin punk trio’s new record.

Mirah, Worriers, Slothrust, Aye Nako, and Mal Blum at Knitting Factory

She Shreds and Don Giovanni team up for a solid Friday night show at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory.

Week in Pop: All People, Crown Larks, House of Wolves, Kinjac

Colleagues, Courtesy, Flyying Colours, Mariage Blanc, guest curated by Mannequin Pussy.

2015 Austin Imposition Night 3 with Don Giovanni Records

Another year, another Austin Imposition.

Screaming Females, Downtown Boys, Aye Nako at Silent Barn

A huge blowout party to celebrate the scaling of Rose Mountain.

What would Screaming Females do?

The roots of Rose Mountain.

Downtown Boys, “Monstro”

Life-affirming protest punk.

Laura Jane Grace is producing the next Worriers album

Making the world a radder place one queer anarchopunk friendship at a time.

Mitski joins Don Giovanni Records

“She embodies everything we believe in.”

Nude Beach, Shellshag, The Hamiltons and more at Knitting Factory

Black Wine stole our hearts by performing an all DEVO cover set. The Hamiltons did the same with The Ramones.

California X, Downtown Boys, Pinkwash and more at Knitting Factory

Don Giovanni Records celebrates their roster with California X, Downtown Boys, Pinkwash, Nuclear Santa Claust, Worriers, Brick Mower, and Alice

Nuclear Santa Claust drop new single before hitting the road

They’re also playing the Don Giovanni showcase this weekend.

Don Giovanni

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