Double Double Whammy

Week in Pop: Feed, The Telescopes, WEEED

Dustin Carlson, Major Murphy, guest selections by Rexx Life Raj.

Week in Pop: Catalog, DDCT, Eddington Again

Baseball Gregg, PANGS, Pastel, Semaphore, Spirit Plate, guest selections by wifisfuneral.

Week in Pop: Baywitch, Laurel Saints, unhappybirthday

Born Days, EL MAR, Melina Mae, Nearby Pastures, Propaganda, guest selections by Avey Tare.

Week in Pop: Boy Romeo, Crown Larks, Sun Glitters

Boulevards, Pioneer 11, Seasurfer, YAIMA, guest selections by Rey Pila.

Week in Pop: Crying, Infinity Shred, The Olympians

Femme Vanille, Ferbus, Jacky Winter, L.A. Girlfriend, guest selections by D.R.A.M.

Liam Betson, “Mispronounced”


Stream Told Slant’s Going By in full

An intimate glance inward on the Epoch friends’ sophomore LP.

Told Slant, “Tsunami”

A good sky on a bad day.

Week in Pop: Plains, Proudest Ever, Tournament

Itaca, Levon Henry, Middle Class Fashion, Miss Jupiter, guest selections by Angel Du$t.

Told Slant, “Low Hymnal”

Catharsis breaks through in battering fashion.

Week in Pop: Andy Clockwise, Ezinma, Rabbit Rabbit

Don Tigra, Bible Pilot, Fog Lake, Jennifer O’Connor, The Loom, guest selections by Antwon.

The Glow, weight EP

Three emotionally heavy pop songs from Mike Caridi’s solo project.

Free Cake For Every Creature, “For You”

As simply satisfying as a glazed donut.

Florist, “A Hospital + Crucifix Made of Plastic”

The healing power of song.

Florist, Holdly

Still anticipating the full-length, we get a sneak peak at what’s to come.

Double Double Whammy

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