ela orleans

Ela Orleans, “Tumult In Clouds”

A song loosely based on Yeats' "An Irish Airman Forsees His Death".

Dirty Beaches, “Neon Gods & Funeral Srippers”

Dirty Beaches goes all Tyler Durden and splices porn in his video to keep you awake and aroused.

Statement LP Is a Delicious Sundae

Four faves – Slim Twig, Ela Orleans, Dirty Beaches, and U.S. Girls – with a cherry on top.

Bathetic Records releases “Expressway” mix

Download features original photography by Dirty Beaches.

Ela Orleans, “Take My Hand”

A woozy look at a continental circus.

The best music of June 2011

Too much good is never bad.

Ela Orleans and Dirty Beaches choose sides

A split that pits the optimism of day break against the terror of twilight.

The best music of May 2011

Thank May for not sucking in the least.

Night People Comp: Deluxe Double Fold

Starring Dirty Beaches, Ela Orleans, and a slew of others who are killing it.

Ela Orleans, “Living World”

Ela weirds out on this pared down track for a new tape.

La Station Radar and Beko DSL new comp

Not everything that can blow your mind is this free.

Kania Tieffer at Silent Barn

La Station Radar

More Frenchies releasing the best the American/Canadian/UK underground has to offer.

La Station Radar's epic compilation

25 of the planet's best experimental pop, garage, ambien-crunchers, one pile-on.

Ela Orleans

On her lush album Lost, growing up behind the Iron Curtain, and ten-hour recording shifts.

ela orleans

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