embryonic capitol

Tereu Tereu's Quadrants

Quadrants' has the hardness and the softness to get you through the coming winter months.

Foul Swoops Are Ready For Their Close-Up

Two videos for the price of one.

Forget Ye Not: six months of records we missed

Sorry we didn't get to you sooner. Here's our apologies.

Fuck SXSW: What To Do In DC Instead

Because breakfast tacos are overrated anyways.

Talking With Clinton Doggett of More Humans

On being released by a hardcore label despite your vocal harmonies.

The Third Annual Sockets' Showcase

DC's Hollywood Squares.

Talking with Matthew Johnson of Imperial China

Imperial China adds fuel to the growing fire of the DC music scene.

Talking with Brett Isaacoff of DZ Tapes

Punching people in the face with pretension since 2011.

Windian Records Grows With White Faces' S/T

Windian makes the five inch jump from seven to twelve with White Faces' debut record.

They're not Pavement: Chatting with The Foul Swoops

Talking shit and homemade bongs with DC's most brazen trio.

Les Rhinocéros Kickstarter Campaign

Get these kids to Europe.

Tree River, Deleted Scenes, Celebration at Subterranean A

Another musically filled night of BYOB.

Yup, Wugazi is Fugazi and Wu Tang combined

Wordplay at it's best.

America Hearts tour the strip malls

A show journal from D.C.'s America Hearts.

Talking to the founder of D.C. jazz rag Capitalbop

Discovering what the hell a Diddle bow is.

embryonic capitol

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