Boston Calling 2018

The ninth edition of Boston Calling Music Festival which took place May 25-28 brought people from throughout the Northeast, across the country and abroad to enjoy a diverse weekend of music, comedy, and film on the athletic fields and complexes at Harvard University.

Chance The Rapper Isn’t A Blueprint for Indie Artists.

Many good things, but no playbook for indies.

Harder, Softer: Stoicism and vulnerability in hip-hop

Hip-hop’s changing relationship with the public expression of feelings.

The Summer Sequels Edition

Eminem returns to an old LP and familiar names in the Rap Genius Top 5.

The Biggest Week in Rap 2013 Edition

Kanye, Cole, and Mac had the Top 3 in sales, but only one graced the LOTW.

Five genius lines less confusing than this photo

Dissing your former boss and jacking a beat from the Bawss.

Billboard Music Awards recap

More white noise for your pop fetish fulfillment.

Dennis Coffey and the last of the Detroit greats

Old meets new in the Motor City.

Asher Roth eats Blended Babies beats

Asher is raw like your most heinous dead baby joke.

Full Bonnaroo 2011 Lineup

Big names bound for the mudfields of Tennessee.

Eminem and Royce Da 5'9″ reunited

Much like these Game Girls, Bad Meets Evil is no longer excites me.

Bishop Lamont, we barely knew thee

Now he sits at home watching The Shawshank Redemption on TNT, relating to Andy Dufresne.

Still love that Eminem on 60 Minutes thing

Anderson Cooper finally draws from his early days at The Source.

The Most Average Releases of June 2010

Oh wait we didn't need that Cure reissue.

What was Eminem doing at Bowery Ballroom?

Other than hanging, having some fun with his bros.


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