Empty Bottle

Speedy Ortiz, Geronimo!, and Brontosaurus at Empty Bottle

Three bands with very fun names to say perform in Chicago on the same bill.

Earth and Mark McGuire at Empty Bottle

Earth and Mark McGuire team up for a show at the Empty Bottle in Chicago.

Dent May, Jack Name, and Thin Hymns at Empty Bottle

Oxford, MS musician Dent May performs in Chicago and we've got photos from his performance.

Clearance at The Empty Bottle

They're all wearing green sleeves.

Earthless and Destruction Unit at Empty Bottle

San Diego’s Earthless & Arizona’s Destruction Unit come to Chicago.

Zombi at The Empty Bottle

Zombi is the Italian name for George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. The More You Know.

The Spits at The Empty Bottle

The long running, punk rock weirdos descend upon Chicago.

Quintron & Miss Pussycat, zZz, and Magas at The Empty Bottle

There will be puppets.

Meat Puppets at Empty Bottle

Meat Puppets formed in 1980 and broke up in 1996 and 2002. And reformed again in 2006.

Imposition Tour 2013: Chicago to Memphis

A beautiful city where we're all Goners.

Imposition Tour 2013: Buffalo to Chicago

We wrap it around the Great Lakes with Cult of Youth, So So Glos and Big Ups.

Pere Ubu at The Empty Bottle

Photos of a night of experimental music with Pere Ubu and Gargarin in Chicago.

Dirty Beaches and SISU at The Empty Bottle

Dirty Beaches' fall tour hits Chicago.

Jered Gummere of Bare Mutants

The ex-Pony, now Bare Mutant talks fatherhood, woodshop, and enduring Chicago.

Premiere: Negative Scanner, “Fan vs Wild”

A Midwest band not easily persuaded by the romanticism of California.

Empty Bottle

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