Exile in the booth; next yr wedding

Joining the multi-tasking force of producers-on-the-mic.

Blu's No York in Youtube links

No mp3. No announcement. No Warner Bros approval. Just Blu-tube takeover shit.

BK One's '09 record gets new life in remixes

The DJ enlists help from MF Doom, Exile and some famous Brazilians.

Bristol's Awkward

The Brit of west coast art rap.

Blu & Exile, “Seasons”

Hey, that gruff voice sounds awful familiar.

Exile, “Population Control”

Worship yr boombox. Praise radio!

Shawn Jackson delivers Side B

For those that have never touched vinyl, it's double-sided. This was inevitable.

Versis, pleased to meet your music

My favorite find of CMJ.

Blu and Sene w/ Clubhouse @ Southpaw

A brief review of a pre-CMJ event – the unexpected late night.

Exile's soft spot for Joni

Also: Is he a choco-holic or just a Waits fan? Click here to learn.

Exile remixed by DJ Rhettmatic

L.A.'s hottest producer gets the remix treatment from L.A.'s beat legacy.

Shawn Jackson, Hollywood Shuffle Side A

A free mixtape to hype his sophomore album.


Locking down a bathroom and talking favorite Big L lines.

Chris Clarke, The Move Maker Mixtape

L.A.'s Chris Clarke drops the The Move Maker mixtape with production by Exile, Double K of People Under the Stairs and a few done by himself (themselves?).

Fashawn at second glance


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