Exploding in Sound

Week in Pop: Cat Hoch, Mr. Husband, The Total Bettys, VA Violet

Alice TM, Forged Artifacts, The Suicide Commandos, guest selections by Los Angeles Police Department.

Anna Altman, “The Interview”

A comfort in constancy

Tall Friend, “Guts”

“You will always be nothing but magic to me.”

Washer, Melkbelly, RIPS, and Ubetcha at Alphaville

A Wednesday night rock show with Washer, Melkbelly, RIPS, and more.

Stream Leapling’s Suspended Animation in full

Dan Arnes’ project achieves gentle power in its reincarnation as a trio.

Week in Pop: Big Eater, Eureka California, Gurus, Las Piñas

Bloody Knives, Confident Hitmakers, Soda Shop, Vein Rays, guest selections by The Veldt.

Palehound, Public Radio Sessions

Spare, moving live renditions of both familiar and unreleased Palehound songs.

Soft Fangs, “The Wilderness”

A lonely feeling that follows.

Washer, Here Comes Washer

The two-man-band strikes again!

The Myriad Myths of Stove’s Steve Hartlett: A Drunken Account

The former Ovlov bandleader narrates his personal history, staggering from womb to the tomb.

The world is Pile’s motel

Pile show us what it’s like to be in their van for a quarter of a year.

Palm, Trading Basics

The more you play, the more you win.

Stove, “Lowt-Ide Fins”

Showing a softer side to the former Ovlov frontman.

Krill’s last two Brooklyn shows

Here’s what it looked like.

Woozy, Blistered

Stream the genre-skipping three-piece’s debut LP in full.

Exploding in Sound

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