Exploding in Sound

Krill breaks up

They said KRILL FOREVER and that shall remain the motto.

Porches., Pile, Grass is Green, Two Inch Astronaut, and Washer at Baby’s All Right

Dear EIS: You’re welcome. Also, thank YOU.

Palm, “Crank”

Exploring the boundary between music and noise.

Palehound, “Healthier Folk”

Delicacy and danger, all wrapped up with a bow.

Stream Palehound’s new album, Dry Food

A preview of Ellen Kempner’s debut full-length.

Exploding in Sound Reveals Lineups for “Thank You” Shows

Save the date for this late-summer friendfest and stream tracks from the Flagland/Washer split.

Krill, “Torturer”

The enigma of Krill continues.

Palehound laughs at the past

Ellen Kempner on writing, learning, growing, and her new LP, Dry Food.

Palehound, “Healthier Folk”

New reckless and charming tones from Ellen Kempner.

Palehound, “Molly”

Palehound get mature, polished, and confident.

Week in Pop: bAd bAd, The Hussy, LACES, Máscaras

featuring +Aziz, D. Wing, Michael Stasis, guest selections by Yours Are The Only Ears.

We’re throwing a party during Secret Project Robot’s 10-year anniversary celebration

Last year it was normcore, what will it be this year?

Stream Austin Imposition sets from Alex G, Pile, Girlpool, & Chastity Belt

No one left for another showcase because there was nowhere we’d rather be.

Washer, “Joe”

Brooklyn boys share their half of their split 7-inch with Flagland.

Ovlov is Dead; Long Live Stove

Steve Hartlett is working on a new record for Exploding in Sound.

Exploding in Sound

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