famous class

Stream new tracks from Xiu Xiu and Lawrence English

Mining through fields of caustic, unapologetic introspection for LAMC #8.

Stream: Private Property, Private Property EP

Get moving to this throwback EP from ex-Snakes Say Hiss and Famous Class.

Stream/download a new track from Ty Segall, “Music for a Film 1”

A splashy 7th edition of Less Artists More Condos.

Week in Pop: Big Tits, Gabriel White, Luxury Liners, Mozart's Sister, Seasick Mama

Cool cats, sisters and brothers, mamas and papas, and the music world in a week.

Cass McCombs, “If You Loved Me Before…”

Cass McCombs contributes to the latest in entry in Famous Class's LAMC 7-inch series.

New releases in loving memory of Ariel Panero

This week marks the fifth release in the Less Artists More Condo's series.

Stream: Tony Castles, Sharon Stone EP

This EP has nothing to do with the actress. Take that how you like.

Half Waif b-sides LAMC #4

Get to know Nandi Rose Plunkett and how she got to know Greg Saunier of Deerhoof.

Darlings remixed by their Russian stepdad

Dad was all like, "In Soviet Russia muzak plays you."

The Best New Music of July 2012

In a world of blur, some records can slow you down and change your life.

Ed Schrader's Music Beat, “Beautiful Transvestite”

A unique story about love and despair from the Baltimore two-piece.

Boogie Boarder, Yikes

Download the band's last instrumental record, for free.


First 7-inch in Ariel Panero benefit series features A Place to Bury Strangers & Ceremony

The Immaculates

Professional soul musicians seek sexy trumpet player.

Famous Class drops Tony Castles + Snakes Say Hiss singles

Party. Party… Introspective guitar hook. Party.

famous class

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