Father Daughter Records

Week in Pop: Alina Bea, Exray’s, Markus, Sioux Falls, VUM

Harlem Sekani, Krisp, LENPARROT, Unconditional Arms, guest selections by Pete Astor.

Week in Pop: Ana Lola Roman, Apollo Brown, IOLA, Violent Mae

Asante Phenix, Dr. Boogie, GRMLN, GT, PUJOL, Steve Hauschildt, guest selections by Illa J.

PWR BTTM, “Dairy Queen”

Getting busy in the shower.

Week in Pop: A/S/L, Jesse R. Berlin, Joey Fourr, USF

DTCC, Finding Fiction, Telegraph Canyon, You Blew It!, ft. guest selections by Dogfood Music Group.

Diet Cig, “Sleep Talk”

Dreams and anxieties.

Happy Diving, “My Zone”

Ode to hiding out.

O-Face, “Yolanda”

Sweet new song from the Bard boys.

Running In The Fog, “Killer Tofu”

Another track off Father/Daughter’s Faux Real II compilation.

Pupppy, “Or Maybe We’re Not”

From the Purchase four-piece’s Father/Daughter debut.

Week in Pop: Cotillon, Negative Death, Safari Al, Taft, TIO

Featuring Bohkeh, Mobius, Tall Boys, Yumi Zouma, co-curated by Malportado Kids.

Week in Pop: AERS, Fantastic, Nowhere, Soft Swells, Wild Decade, Wormburner

Droid Bishop, Geoff Geis, Icewater, Quad, Scale Model, co-curated by Blood Moon.

Happy Diving, “Sad Planet”

A healthy dose of sad sludge.

Rivergazer, “Wimpers”

Random nostalgia for alt-rock and the Doors combined.

A Father's Day Mix from Father/Daughter Records

If dads are the original hipsters, then dad rock is just ahead of the vintage curve.

Week in Pop: Fury Things, Triptides, The Urge

With Nicholas Nicholas, Tin Desert, & a Satan Wriders takeover.

Father Daughter Records

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