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Year in Pop: 2017

A selection of compiled interviews, insights & editorials from 2017’s Week in Pop features.

Week in Pop: Cool Calm Chrys, Lemuria, Yared Kiflai

Austra, Cedie Janson, Exray’s, phem, guest selections by Fat Tony.

Week in Pop: Dimples, Nights & Weekends, Winstons

Candace, DJ Silky Smooth, Empathy Test, Howth, Sevdaliza, guest selections by The Courtneys.

Son Of Salami, Bacon Street


Free Pizza Talks All The Music, Really Wants You To Look Up Your Astrological Chart

“In Spanish I would translate Free Pizza to Pizza Libre.”

Big Neck Police’s Paco Cathcart drops new EP as The Cradle

“Drink the Water” is a messy, folky pleasure on four tracks.

Jeremy Waun, “Pages”

Video by Joey Pizza Slice.

Stream KTB, another side-project from members of Guerilla Toss

Enter the fortress of harsh minimalism.

Year in Pop: 2014

Glancing and gazing back at a handful of the year’s highlights.

Robert Robinson, “Ziti”

Somewhere between surrealist play-land and bouncing kitty-pop.

Stream Curse Purse’s self-titled EP

Enter the surrealist nightmare.

Palberta, My Pal Berta

Palberta’s mischievous first album will haunt your Halloween.

Week in Pop: Happy You, Peter’s Window, Trust Fall, Zeahorse

Another Green World, Better Off, Drew Cook, Ricky’s Heart, co-curated by Noumenal Loom.

Week in Pop: Great Valley, Huffer, LIYON, Lures, Mike Sempert

Brown Shoe, James Vernon, Sunflower Bean, The Mole People, Trak Joy, Vogue Dots, co-curated by Israel Nash.

Great Valley, “Heart of Vines”

Releasing Jaws of Evil today from Spooky Town Tapes.

feeding tube records

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