TURBOSLEAZE, “Fry Kid’s PCP Adventureland”

From their new McDonald’s-themed concept album.

Underground America 2014

Celebrating the photographers and performers at DIY spaces, small venues, record shops, and other locations.

Fiasco, The Sediment Club, Michael Jordan, and Large Lady at Death by Audio

Two bands that broke up and reunited perform one more time at Death by Audio. Welcome back Fiasco and Michael Jordan.

Shit Giver dole out the gothic delaycore

At least one band gives a shit.

Stream The Gradients’ self-titled debut LP

Trying to figure them out one song post at a time.

The Gradients, “Growing Pile”

A feisty new track that uses restraint in all the right places

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: A Playlist

Featuring contributions from Cassie Ramone, Double Dagger, Doug Tuttle, and more.

Silent Barn is back!

Are we selfish for being so happy it's close to our offices?

Fiasco's Last Last Last Last Show (We Promise)

We also promise a total rager.

Fiasco Call it Quits

We're gonna miss you, little guys!

Happy Birthday, Death by Audio

Watching the murals grow on the walls of the five year-old Brooklyn DIY venue.

Ten Years of Parts & Labor

The history of the band, told poster by poster, on the eve of their last show.

Hugging for James Murphy

Girl-moshing, bird camp, space cowboys, and other adventures in merry NYC nightlife.

NYC: Last minute show with DD/MM/YYYY, Tough Knuckles, Fiasco, Human Resources



Our favorite live shots of 2009. Incidentally, also our favorite live acts.


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