Dan Francia, “Alone and Together”

The first single from the Flagland solo project.

Earl Boykins, “Planet”

Orbiting around universes in one minute and thirty-seven seconds time.

Flagland’s 5 Favorite Simpsons Episodes

Kerry Kallberg choo-choo-chooses the moments that instilled his super-fandom.

Week in Pop: Bear Hands, Intimatchine, Wake Up

Featuring exclusives from Kile Atwater, Shadow Shadow, & more.

Flagland, “Monster”

A spare, confrontational third single from a band on the brink.

Contact High

Nerding out at movie night with Brooklyn's Big Ups.

Flagland, “It's Your Time”

A lo-fi garage-rock anthem that drips of positivity.

Big Ups, Flagland, Mannequin Pussy and Washer at Shea Stadium

Big Ups release their debut record and celebrate at Shea Stadium.

California X, Perfect Pussy, YVETTE, Flagland, and Blessed State at Shea Stadium

Celebrating Amanda's birthday with five fantastic bands at Shea Stadium.

Flagland, “Comfortable Life”

Twenty songs of Flagland that encourage you to love hard and live hard.

Low Fat Getting High, Big Ups, Vulture Shit and Flagland at Shea Stadium

A very strong bill on a Tuesday night meant attending this show was pretty much mandatory.

Father/Daughter Records

A label that keeps it all in the family while promising to never work with assholes.

Imposition Tour 2013: Chicago to Memphis

A beautiful city where we're all Goners.

Memphis to Baton Rouge: Dreary drives to mingle with local Memphis salt

The night we all smoked in a bar, mostly because we could.

The Memphis Imposition at Murphy’s

We make our way over to Memphis and frankly, are never the same again.


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