Okeechobee Music Festival

Part I

After Tragedy, Tour Mates Pity Sex, PWR BTTM, and Petal Respond Through Music

When an entire community and its allies are speechless with grief, what does it mean for musicians to step on stage and force themselves to speak?

Soda, “Blonde on Blonde”

Another addition to Florida’s shadow pantheon of post-millenial rock.

Sur Back, “Occam’s Razor”

Drawing on New Order and St. Vincent in equal measure.

The Inward Trajectory of Merchandise’s Carson Cox

As the band continues its ascension, Cox’s comfort zone remains intact.

My Story of Prime: Coffee with Conveyor's T.J. Masters

Detachment: an unfortunate byproduct of both too much and too little time.

Stream Flashlights, Bummer Summer

Your Brevard County by Orlando, Florida summer vacation has arrived.

SLAVVE, “Out of Mind”

Or: how to stay fine in a world that is anything but.

Merchandising Merchandise

And coining a new word in the process.

Breaking: NBC has a hard time Tweeting about sexual assault

Well, this is unfortunate

Jensen Serf Company, “Better Man”

Florida's leading export surf-garage has a new wholesaler named JSC.

Tonstartssbandht, “Somersette”

Snig a log wif Tonstartssbandht!

South Florida scene w/ Surfer Blood, New Coke

Checking out some of the bands from Southern Florida that are making waves.

The Jameses, another reason Florida doesn't completely suck

If this is the sound of West Palm Beach, I'm ready to retire.

Shark Toys, Florida, Native Cats

This update was ready to roll before we went down to SXSW for some BBQ, booze and barfing, but we forgot to send it.


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