foot village

Bidding goodbye to summer

Play, Eric, play.

True Neutral Crew, #POPPUNK

Turning every genre and subgenre within the punk umbrella on its head.

Guerilla Toss, “Trash Bed”

Messing things up and keeping in shape with a different kind of workout plan.

True Neutral Crew

A group that may or may not involve clipping., Foot Village, and Books On Tape.

clipping. “Killer (Back To The Future The Ride remix)”

The legendary return of the Universal Studios ride moniker remixes and rides again.

Foot Village, “Erecting the Wall of Separation”

Using found footage to make a cacophony of strangeness.

Bad decisions with Foot Village

A performance and a tale about why Indian food in the UK is a bad idea before one.

(Charles)Book&Record, “Softbase”

A trippy journey into the dark wood and back.

Foot Village, “This Song Is a Drug Deal”

A Nickelodeon Awards Show gone wrong.

Clipping remix Foot Village's “This Song Is A Drug Deal”

Daveed Diggs of Clipping reassures us this song don't give a fuck.

Week in Pop: bentcousin, Foot Village, Nomadic Firs, Young Fathers

The week's dreamers and schemers of indie pop in one convenient place.

Foot Village Sign to Northern Spy

Get a free sampler of recordings spanning the band's history.

Death Bomb Arc 10 Year Anniversary Comp

Foot Village, Captain Ahab and others cover their favorite Death Bomb Arc songs.

Back to the Future the Ride is over

Please unbuckle your seat belts. May we suggest The Simpsons Ride™.

Foot Village Remix Contest!

Do it for the glory!

foot village

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