forged artifacts

Week in Pop: Adir L.C., Avvenir, LKFFCT, Winstons

Gláss, New Shack, Ocean Hope, Twin Limb, ft. guest selections by Yvette.

Panther Ray, “Get to You”

Summer come early, please.

The Best Labels of 2014

The United States of limited presses, analog cassettes, and split EPs.

Week in Pop: Hills Like Elephants, Long Faces, Sun Voyager, Tattoo Money, Trak Joy

The Blind Shake, Captain Supernova, Death Records, Heavy Drag, J£zus Million, SmCity, co-curated by Surf Club

Stream Forged Artifacts’ Greatest of All-Time #1 compilation

The Twin Cities label brings us its greatest with 11 new tracks.

Week in Pop: Devereaux, Grand Vapids, Jay Soul, Matthew Melton, Snowday

Great Pagans, Piers, Sunbeam Sound Machine, The Controversy, co-curated by Soft as Snow.


Slow, sludgy, and super dark bedroom doom.

The Best Music of September 2014

This month found all the castles, coins, and mushrooms to reach higher LVLs.

Stream Earl Boykins’ Everybody Likes Dogs EP

Talking dogs with the (now) two-piece ensemble.

Los Angeles Police Department, self-titled

A bedroom record that’s charming and complex, but still merely a bedroom record.

Police Neutrality: LAPD’s Ryan Pollie Takes It As It Comes

From obscurity and polite declines from LA journalists to being the latest buzz.

Los Angeles Police Department, “She Came Through (Again)”

Bedroom pop from LA’s finest.

Dan Svizeny, “Close-Up U.S.A.”

The sound of bedroom recordings inching dangerously close to self-love.

Some Pulp, “Tell Me Ur Mine”

Inspired by teenage doo-wop, Dawson's Creek, and windowless Astrovans.

Premiere: France Camp, “The Bads”

Fervent yelps in an Americana-bedecked basement.

forged artifacts

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