Stream Fugazi’s First Demo in full

Their newest / oldest recordings to date.

Fugazi announce release date and tracklist for First Demo

There is more Fugazi to grace our ears in coming months.

Dischord Records set to release Fugazi’s first tape

And the conquest continues…

Week in Pop: 2PPM, Buchanan, Distortion Mirrors, Jason Lescalleet, Parentz

Asheville jazz, Australian anthems, indie LA, contemplative conversations, & Oakland future pop.

Patrick Stickles addresses the Athens confederate flag incident

"[A Titus Andronicus concert] is not a place for us to celebrate the history of hate."

Stream: Creative Adult's Bulls In The Yard EP

The North Bay punk outfit oscillate between two posts: hardcore and punk.

Across the Rust Belt into Chicago: one with the arcade rats

Crashing at Logan Hardware record store and partying at Empty Bottle with Cult of Youth.

DC music-makers answer: What's your favorite 7-inch? Pt. 1

Ten gallons of vinyl and nostalgia for local heroes and influential nuggets.

Jeff Winterberg Has a Rare Brain Cancer

Learn how to help the band photog and Coptic Light and Antioch Arrow musician out.

Farewell Republic's DC punk picks

Farewell Republic brings the D.C. hits, including extra doses of Fugazi.

Harmony of The Weirdo-Sphere

10 Questions for Dutch DIY instrument manufacturer Yuri Landman.

Yup, Wugazi is Fugazi and Wu Tang combined

Wordplay at it's best.


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