gnar tapes

Petty Things, “Bored”

Songs inspired by anything but petty things.

Gnartivity Scene 2013

Celebrating Christmas with Gnar Tapes.

The Best Cassette Releases of 2013

The finest in live recordings, compilations, fanciful albums, and dick pics (NSFW).

Kyle Handley of The Memories talks Burger's White Light/White Heat tribute

The Portland musician offers insight on covering the comedy of Waldo Jeffers.

Premiere: Love Cop, “Haunt My Heart”

The un-edited and super-NSFW version of ghosts having cool lives.

Jovontaes, “Can't Surf”

All they need is one mic for their Midwest psych.

Premiere: Emotional, “Pain 4 Pleasure”

A former shoegazer makes the sensible transition into lo-fi synth pop.

White Fang, “Bong Rip”

Chorus, gongs and weed, White Fang has been hard at work.

Fatal Jamz, Vol. I

Since when did listening to glam pop become fatal?

Love Cop, “Margot With An X”

You know it's a rad basement gig when bondage is involved. Totally NSFW.

One-sentence reviews for Gnar Tapes latest batch

Our interns go beyond the pale of one sentence reviews and write two. Buncha show-offs.

I Don't Wanna Go Into the Darkness

A threefer: Juiceboxxx's manifesto, his new mix, and the new single "Expressway to the Darkness".

It could be all bong hits and dick pics

But White Fang is really about confidence.

Eggy Tapes and Distro

Eggy Tape's Raf Spielman talks tapes, and gives us a free compilation for download.

gnar tapes

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