gold robot records

Not the 1s, Everybody’s Rappin’ 12″ picture disc

Dedicated to the dilettantes.

Ohioan announce concept album Empty/Every MT

Appalachian, environmental sci-fi folk is now a thing.

Week in Pop: Alina Bea, Exray’s, Markus, Sioux Falls, VUM

Harlem Sekani, Krisp, LENPARROT, Unconditional Arms, guest selections by Pete Astor.

Year in Pop: 2015

Select interviews & insights from 2015’s Week in Pop editions at a glance.

Week in Pop: Dead Soft, Is/Is, Lazy Knuckles, Pretend, Pre-Willy

EROK, Mall Walk, Preston Spurlock, Workman Song, ft.  guest selections by Dâm-Funk.

Monster Rally collaborates with Jay Stone on new LP

The Oakland rapper is the first to get an entire LP from the LA-by-way-of-Ohio producer.

Ladada, “Give It Back”

Taking it back, all the way back to Virginia Beach with Josiah Schlater.

Stream Yalls, EDDM

EDM with some of that extra vitamin, ‘D.’

Roman Ruins, Source of Pride

Twice a father, Roman Ruins run the risk of making us gag on his happiness.

Ladada, “Comets”

A collaboration of instrumentation and household field recordings.

Yalls, “Like A Fool”

The life of the party vs the ultimate buzzkill buffoon.

My Story of Prime: Coffee with Conveyor's T.J. Masters

Detachment: an unfortunate byproduct of both too much and too little time.

Roman Ruins, “Loved One”

Psych pop that deals with fatherhood and architecture of a family tree.

Stream: Monster Rally, Sunflower EP

Take a trip to Japan with Monster Rally.

Yalls, “High Society”

This is our most anticipated record of May.

gold robot records

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