grave babies

Grave Babies, “Metal Me”

Tension and release.

Week in Pop: bAd bAd, The Hussy, LACES, Máscaras

featuring +Aziz, D. Wing, Michael Stasis, guest selections by Yours Are The Only Ears.

Grave Babies do Europe for the first time

Seattle's Grave Babies spend two weeks touring Europe for the first time in October.

Grave Babies' Danny Wahlfeldt

The tough questions get answered. Like, Backstreet Boys or N*SYNC?

Week in Pop: Big Tits, Gabriel White, Luxury Liners, Mozart's Sister, Seasick Mama

Cool cats, sisters and brothers, mamas and papas, and the music world in a week.

Premiere: Grave Babies, “Fuck Off”

Stoop-rocking in Seattle on the steps of a house on Capitol Hill dubbed Dandyland.

Grave Babies, “No Fear”

What's from the Grunge Capital and noisier than a lawnmower? A grave baby.

Homesick #6: FF, “Caught In A Dream”

Deep in the narrow confines of a DIY home, a band rips thru jams.

Week in Pop: CHURCHES, DaVinci, Leisure Birds, Main Attrakionz, ManCub, Shady Blaze

Bringing you a feel good winter week's worth of music.

Week in Pop: House Shoes, Tom Kitty Oliver, LRN GRN

More bands, fans, and pop lands than ever, plus a Phédre ticket giveaway.

The best new music of April 2012

A month in which we danced with every beat in the universe.

Week in Pop: Cadence Weapon, Deep Time, Lee Bannon

Diamonds, gems, and jewels in the towering stacks of this week's popular tunes.

Grave Babies premiere Gothdammit

The band sits down with Sjimon under the King of Pop. Listen to the new record in full!

Week in Pop: 2:54, Grave Babies, Soft Riot

Making faces at this week's pop.

grave babies

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