Lakutis, “2 Ill For The Law”

The Queens rapper burns Presidents and gives a middle finger to the police state.

Weekend Money, “Nostrand”

Showing off with furs, rolling deep in a mini-van, but embedded in the perils of the crack game.

The Best Music of February 2013

A month of desert punk, San Jose rap, Chicago ghettohouse meets G-Funk, and Nazi sympathizers.

Week in Pop: Curly Castro, James Wallace & the Naked Light, Prism House

Through the hypnagogic indie pop vortex we go.

The Best Music of January 2013

Our new year's resolution is to be mindful of selling out. What's yours?

Week in Pop: Aan, Adult Dude, Ancient History, Antwon, Green Ova, Hands, ST 2 Lettaz

Rounding up the goldmine baggies of pop narcotics.

Le1F, Fly Zone

Aviate on 808's with a trill new mixtape from Le1f.

Making a beat with Weekend Money

Baghdaddy takes us into his sample-free beatmaking process in the Brick House.

Heems, “Soup Boys”

In traditional Heems fashion, he's not giving a fuck all over this video.

Interview: Weekend Money

Sharing one of the 8 million stories they've accumulated since moving to New York City.

The Best Labels of 2012

We expanded to a Top 25 and still don't feel as though we've done justice.

Meyhem Lauren, Mandatory Brunch Meetings

Do not show up to a Meyhem Lauren brunch with a wrinkled shirt and no name tag.

Self Titled Magazine’s Release Party at The Flat

Self Titled magazine presents a free show at The Flat with an all Greedhead lineup.

Asking bands about Halloween plans

What are you being for Halloween? What will you give the trick-or-treaters?

Stream: Tony Castles, Sharon Stone EP

This EP has nothing to do with the actress. Take that how you like.


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