gun outfit

Adam Payne Premieres Famous Blondes, Wants Fans to Dance Like in The Lobster

“Each song is its own genre but they all sound like they fit together.”

Week in Pop: Lando Chill, Mind Meld, Young Girls

Casinos, Flesh & Tone, Iska Dhaaf, Mr. Suit, Yoke Lore, guest selects by Chris Cohen.

Gun Outfit, “Expansion Pact”

The mysteries of the west, musicalized.

The Best Music of October 2015

As awkward as taking candy from strangers.

Week in Pop: Adir L.C., Avvenir, LKFFCT, Winstons

Gláss, New Shack, Ocean Hope, Twin Limb, ft. guest selections by Yvette.

Gun Outfit, “Gotta Wanna”

The human condition explained.

Week in Pop: Not the 1s, Ryan Sambol, Thurst

Manatree, Rose Sélavy, Ruane Maurice x We Are Temporary, Templo X, & Prince SAMO guest stars.

Full Berserktown II lineup announced

Royal Trux to reunite at the Downtown LA punk and noise fest.

Gun Outfit, Pampers, Big Ups, and Ornament at Union Pool

We caught four bands at Union Pool last Friday night.

The Men at Lincoln Hall

Four Guitars!

Week in Pop: Serengeti, VISUALS, Young Yeller

Riding the electric rainbows, sporting the staches, and keeping up with the pop punches.

Week in Pop: The Doppelgangaz, Kisses, Maxmillion Dunbar, Real Magic

Gather up the pets, families and share the accolades of this week’s winners.


gun outfit

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