hands in the dark

Cankun, “Words”

Remember 2011’s undocumented exotica phase?

A round-up of news on Death and Vanilla

The Swedish dream pop duo drop a cassette and get their debut re-issued.

Johnny Hawaii, “Inner Beach”

Finding peace and Mai Tais on the shoreline sands within.

Mayerling, “Pure as Gold”

Taking the leap from rock 'n' roll to sonic ambience.

Robedoor, “Flannel Shroud”

Apocalyptic visions, netherworld demons and the like.

CANKUN, “Science Can Help You”

Lose yourself in a hazy swirl of psychedelic tropicalia.

The Best New Music of July 2012

In a world of blur, some records can slow you down and change your life.

Ensemble Economique, “Radiate Through Me”

Cyberpunk horror "radiates" through Ensemble Econmique's new video…

Co La, “Love Nest”

Matt Papich gives his noises a job to do.

Lee Noble/Ensemble Economique, Motion Forever

Limited edition split LP from trans-continental murmurers.

Lumerians as the Funky Space Man

A creeping, haunting track from the theatrical San Francisco psych burners.

Stream the entirety of Death and Vanilla's self-titled debut

Sometimes, a pretty voice gets you where you want to go.

Premiere: Death and Vanilla, “Rituals”

Indo-mystic beat, dream-pop vocals, and a chicken magician.

Debut: Johnny Hawaii and Cough Cool vids

Screensavers dropping acid at an unsustainable pace.

Hands in the Dark spill their Travel Expop series

Starring Holy Strays, Cankun, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Voodoo Mount Sister.

hands in the dark

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