Hardly Art

Protomartyr, Strange Wilds, The Gotobeds, H. Jon Benjamin, and S at Knitting Factory

Sub Pop and Hardly Art presented a stellar CMJ showcase called “Mutual Depreciation” last Thursday night.

Stream Protomartyr’s The Agent Intellect

The agent of truth in a shrinking pool of intellect.

Week in Pop: Lilly Wolf, Lisa Alma, Minden, Solai, Youryoungbody

Computer Magic, Land Lines, Pete RG, SCRNS, Two Cheers, with guest selections by Pony Time.

Shannon and the Clams, “It’s Too Late”

A song for a relationship’s end, full of characteristic rockabilly soul.

Shannon and the Clams, “The Point of Being Right”

Brassy, emotive misfit karaoke.

S, “Like Gangbusters”

A video packed with wry humor and satire.

Protomartyr, “Why Does It Shake?”

A ferocious moment of self-alienation.

Week in Pop: bAd bAd, The Hussy, LACES, Máscaras

featuring +Aziz, D. Wing, Michael Stasis, guest selections by Yours Are The Only Ears.

Shannon and the Clams, “Corvette”

The Oakland indie-punk trio get retro in a new video.

La Luz, “You Disappear”

Fuzzy new ventures on the second LP from the Seattle surf rockers

Colleen Green tours Japan for the first time

Colleen declares she wants to grow up and shares images from her tour in Japan with Cassie Ramone.

Stream Austin Imposition sets from Alex G, Pile, Girlpool, & Chastity Belt

No one left for another showcase because there was nowhere we’d rather be.

Week in Pop: ACTORS, Landshapes, Macajey, New God, Volcanic Legacy

Wilder Maker, Hazel Rose, Indian Wells, No Joy, NoMBe, Work Drugs, co-curated by Sharpless.

Protomartyr at Gonerfest

Protomartyr goes to Gonerfest. Shall we call them Gonermartyr now?

Chastity Belt, “Joke”

It’s no laughing matter.

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