height with friends

Height with Friends, “Bmore Bmore”

The final installment in the old school trilogy takes it bak to Baltimore.

Infinity Ballrooms and European Tours with Al Lover

Beat maker Al Lover tours infinite ballrooms with Height.

Height with Friends and more at The Crown

Height With Opening Bands

Height's No Gun Shots At Our Parties Vol.3 mix

The series travels to the West Coast.

Al Lover's Infinity Ballrooms Mix

An exclusive mix dedicated to his fall tour with Height.

Premiere: Height with Friends, “Infinity Ballroom '82”

Turn back the clock and boogie down with a new Height with Friends jam.

Height With Friends, No Gunshots At Our Parties Vol.1 & 2

A mix series built from the purest origins of hip hop: 80s house party tapes.

Best Baltimore Songs of 2012

A healthy portion of Jenn Wasner, and a whole lot of covers.

Best Baltimore Albums of 2012

The best music recordings from Baltimore, Maryland in 2012.

Dan Deacon and Height With Friends at Ottobar

Dan Deacon developed an interactive concert app. You can throw away your lighter.

Week in Pop: WOOF: Antwon & Swiftumz, Rob Pera & Patrick Brown

The week recapped with a debut from Antwon & Swiftumz with some of today's best producers.

Mixtape: Baltimore: Summer 2012

A collection of new songs from Baltimore tailor-made for sweating.

Compilation: Friends Records 2011

New songs from Future Islands, Dan Deacon, Celebration, Co La and more.

5th Annual Rap Round Robin

Plucky Walker

The Herring brother that grew up on krylon and shelltoes.

height with friends

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