here we go magic

Week in Pop: Amy Reid, Nicholas Fisher, The Veldt

Jeff Rona, TIO, guest selections by The Telescopes.

Here We Go Magic at Mississippi Studios

Here We Go Magic will tour Europe for their record, Be Small, in early 2016.

Week in Pop: Kirsten Izer, Overlake, Pink Mexico, Snuff Redux

Cave Curse, Intertwine, O Emperor, Van Exel, Washa, ft. guest selections by Potty Mouth.

Week in Pop: Adir L.C., Avvenir, LKFFCT, Winstons

Gláss, New Shack, Ocean Hope, Twin Limb, ft. guest selections by Yvette.

Week in Pop: The Black Ryder, Blasteroid, Pagiins, Solvey, Threading

Daddy, El Tryptophan, Jesus Sons, New Move, Xarah Dion, guest selections by Fielded.

Glass Ghost, LYFE

Krimsky’s latest can’t be cast aside as the Brooklyn of now, but it’s also not breaking molds.

Temples, Here We Go Magic, and Spires at Pier 84

River Rocks holds its final show of the summer with a headlining set from rising band, Temples.

Katie Burden, “My Blind Eye”

Clouds and smoke from within hidden places.

Here We Go Magic, Nightlands and Christopher Bear Trio at Baby's All Right

Here we go…magic! Baby, it's all right.

TEEN, “Better”

Hooky new-wave influenced keyboard-battering.

The 200 most average releases of 2011

You know we're right.

The Most Average Releases of June 2010

Oh wait we didn't need that Cure reissue.

here we go magic

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