hippos in tanks

James Ferraro, “Eternal Condition/ Stuck 2”

Colder than the Cold tape, but channeling the same noir terror for NYC.

Week in Pop: FMLYBND, Hammered Satin, Keep Shelly in Athens, Sensual Harassment

Electric Santa Barbara underground, gonzo glam rock, recollecting with KSiA, "Capri Suntan" in 8mm.

Week in Pop: Brøthers, Cool Ghouls, Rita J, Western Lows

Counting the indie stars and kicking it with the coolest ghouls around.

James Ferraro, “Blood Flow”

A fresh look at that numb feeling.

Week in Pop: Aan, Adult Dude, Ancient History, Antwon, Green Ova, Hands, ST 2 Lettaz

Rounding up the goldmine baggies of pop narcotics.

A rich release from Sleep ∞ Over

Take a peek at Stefanie Franciotti's rousing new 7".

d'Eon and Physical Therapy Interview Each Other

The Hippos in Tanks artists have a gChat about religion, pop music, and illegal software.

The Best New Music of July 2012

In a world of blur, some records can slow you down and change your life.

Stream Gatekeeper's Fresh Album, EXO in Full

Get drunk off of an oversexxxed digital future.

MP3: Sleep ∞ Over’s “Romantic Streams” (Balam Acab remix)


Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams”

Dream pop that you never want to wake up from.

Sleep ∞ Over releases new 7″ on Hippos In Tanks

Debut LP coming in the summer.

Hippos in Tanks

Blaming their dads for the record fetish, releasing a slew of HITs. Download the mixtape.

D'Eon knows what's next

Say it with us now. "Club bangers are awesome."

hippos in tanks

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