horse lords

Andrew Bernstein, “The Great Outdoors”

The meditative nature of linear destruction.

Gigawatts Festival 2015: Guerilla Toss, Guardian Alien, Horse Lords, and more at Our Wicked Lady

Our Gigawatts Festival came to an end at Our Wicked Lady and a lot of bands we like.

Third-annual Logstradamus fest announced

A weirdo surf festival on Virginia Beach featuring Horse Lords, The Seeers, Cloak/Dagger, and more.

Waking Windows 5

Waking Windows 5 comes to an end with a showcase featuring bands from the NNA Tapes roster.

NNA Tapes to host a showcase at Waking Windows 5

This weekend, alongside a few hundred bands in Vermont.

The Best Cassettes of 2014

Rising above the hiss.

Stream Horse Lords’ Hidden Cities LP

Seeking the lineage links of jazz fusion.

Horse Lords, “Outer East”

Horse Lords is the new Neu!

Fields Festival 2014

Fields Festival featured performance art, dance, plays, comedy, film, sound and visual installations.

Scapescape 2013: Sunday Report

Closing out Scapescape 2013 with Arboretum, Mt. Royal and more acts in Baltimore.

Baltimore Tape Club

Gather round for new tapes from Horse Lords, Smoke Bellow, Other Colors and Zachary Utz.

Horse Lords, “Bending to the Lash”

A spazzy jazz number with all the bells and whistles.

Matmos and Horse Lords at The 14Karat Cabaret

Matmos and Horse Lords return to Baltimore with a show at The 14Karat Cabaret

Matmos, Horse Lords, and Vorhees at (le) Poisson Rouge

Matmos plays a show in support of their newest record, The Marriage of True Minds.

Most Excellent Images of 2012: Part 1

Our favorite (and best) photos that were published on Impose in 2012.

horse lords

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