Hot Sugar

Hot Sugar, “Your Nails Look So Pretty”

Has Hot Sugar been using associative music to brainwash us?

♡Kitty♡ in Zeros & Ones: The flip side of the sad girl Tumblr aesthetic

Being a girl in binary code isn't as black and white as you think.

Hot Sugar teases forthcoming solo album at Cameo Gallery

The enlightened beatsmith introduces us to his innocent side.

Chrome Sparks wants to have lunch with you

Listing Ghost Beach, Hot Sugar, and Fielded as his meal-mates.

Lakutis, Three Seashells

Dropped without warning.

Stream: Weekend Money, Freddie Merkury

The full length debut has arrived.

Rapper of the Year: Open Mike Eagle

More than a qualifier in 2013. He was first to the finish line.

The Best Albums of 2013

Don't look anywhere else—these are your best albums of the year.

Hot Sugar ft. Antwon, Lakutis, Big Baby Gandhi, “Mama, I'm a Man”

Dispatches from Hot Sugar's imagination of gold.

Week in Pop: Brandt Brauer Frick, DVA, Gloom Balloon

Reports from Berlin, Czech Republic, Iowa, and Louisiana, with support from Soul Glimpse.

Big Baby Gandhi, Debut

The bittersweet victory rap to a short-lived rap career.

The Best Music of October 2013

This month's releases are giving an assist in cuffing season.

Hot Sugar is a made man with a solo debut in the works

Nick Koenig talks free art, rap collabs, and corrects bio information.

Stream: Hot Sugar's Made Man EP

An EP chock full of all-stars like Open Mike Eagle, Kool A.d. and Antwon.

Hot Sugar, “Zanny Bath” (feat. Bill Ding)

Hot Sugar's new EP drops next week.

Hot Sugar

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