Year in Pop: 2015

Select interviews & insights from 2015’s Week in Pop editions at a glance.

Week in Pop: The Fatty Acids, Free Music, HSY

Ballroom Cancer, Dionysian Mysteries, Salem Wolves, Zenith Myth, guest selections by Junglepussy.

ANAMAI, “Lucia”

Floating through desolation.

Week in Pop: Backwords, Empty Moon, Friend Roulette, Leisure, Lowbanks

Boy + Kite, Buscabulla, Shotty, Silk Rhodes, Vogue Dots, co-curated by Exray’s.

The Beverleys, “Bad Company”

Let The Beverleys show you who is in charge here.

Best of Shot by the Band 2013

We've selected the best images we received for Shot by the Band in 2013.

HSY's east coast adventure

A photo album from HSY taken on the eastern coast of Canada.

Odonis Odonis, Hunters, HSY, and Flashlights at Muchmore's

An afternoon show at Muchmore's feels like great bands are playing your living room.

Portraits of CMJ 2013

See the people who make the music that can make you move.

Odonis Odonis, Eraas, HSY at Death by Audio

Sludgy, noisy amazing night from Canadian musicians

HSY's Wake and Bake mix

The Toronto industrial punks rise and burn one one down to Youtube clips.

Week in Pop: Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle, Lonesome Leash, Mister Suit, Trends

Exclusives from Mr. Price, Walt McClements, Garrett Jones, Marina Paiz, & more.

Week in Pop: 2PPM, Buchanan, Distortion Mirrors, Jason Lescalleet, Parentz

Asheville jazz, Australian anthems, indie LA, contemplative conversations, & Oakland future pop.

HSY, “Milk Chug”

Get grungy with a hefty dose of the morose.


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