human resources

Hand Of God, “Intro (Vinyl Mix)”

The transformation from noisemaker to movement maker is complete.

Green Age “Records” relaunches with three new releases

Featuring new releases by Patchy Drizzle, Isn’t Ours, Human Resources, Deltadeltadelta.

FMLY Fest 2012 Comes to Brooklyn

Do-It-Together Festival bringing Cough Cool, Pressed And, Alligator Indian, and more.

Premiere: Human Resources, “Private Booths for Sallow Suits”

A clever yearning for the early days of technology.

Human Resources, “Discrete Forests”

What looks like the Earth emerges from the right, and we are consumed.

Fergus & Geronimo + Air Waves

With Human Resources, Idiot Glee, and Web Dating.

Impose Holiday Party Photos, 2010

Mrs. Claus landed for some photo ops.

Impose Holiday Party

Drink your face off while we celebrate the end of the world.

TONIGHT: Holiday Party!

With all our friends, and Mrs. Claus. [Nog joke.]

NYC: Last minute show with DD/MM/YYYY, Tough Knuckles, Fiasco, Human Resources


Eye & Ear Fest III, Day 1

No method to this eclectic madness.

Another Teeth Mountain Sham?

Teeth Mountain and Shams keep the TV carnage alive with an onstage brawl. The blood was real, but was the fight?

human resources

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