2013, a year in review

A look back at the biggest stories of inspiration.

Dangling from Smaug's dick with Griffin Newman of Law & Order: SVU

A festivus threesome for the rest of us.

The pursuit of sexiness with MTV's Sasheer Zamata

Did you know Japanese virgins are better for your heart than mistresses?

It's a TV party with The A.V. Club's David Sims

Instead of a couple of brews, we brought condoms.

Scantily clad with Miss Trixie Little

Burlesque makes us feel like fancy perverts.

How to draw like Banksy

Forget a cookbook, your anarchy starts right here.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Counting the minutes until this week's scariest day.

MTV's Hey Girl, JC Coccoli

We wondered if anyone would get a "choppin' Coccoli" reference?

Sexy single dads and cartoons with Ashley Albert

Tiffany Blum-Deckler joins us for some scintillating burn-victim advice.

Graphic fluffing with novelist Fred Chao

The Johnny Hiro author knows how to get busy in a Burger King bathroom.

Gluttony: It's what's for dinner

Food has never looked so good.

For the Love of the Game

Why play sports when you could write jokes?

The conflict of interest episode

Our founder goes under the covers to discuss sex with Koalas.

In studio with Eugene Mirman, Chris Gethard and Edan Wilber

Comedy is a serious business.

Don't judge because her name is Hooker

Having WASPy conversations with the Brooklyn Based writer.


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