inflated records

Week in Pop: Boy Romeo, ETA, iji, Sarah P.

Henry Hall, Mark Cone, Sexy Dex & The Fresh, Swan Lingo, guest selections by Total Slacker.

Week in Pop: Future Generations, PANGS, Vritra, We Are Temporary

D/R/U/G/S, Everyone is Dirty, Hip to Death, Night Shapes, OIM Records, Paul Fonfara, guest selections by Jay Som.

Week in Pop: Motel Pools, Pat Moon, RAINE

Babygirl, Fovea, Jónó Mí Ló, Spritzer, Vinyl Williams, Wildfires, guest selects by Adult Jazz.

Palm, Trading Basics

The more you play, the more you win.

Stream Zula/Annex’s Water Pressure EP

The sounds of information traveling through wires and motherboards and into our fleshy ears.

Week in Pop: CityCop, D.Wing, Geographer, Sky Picnic, Thrillers

With Adam Snow, Cave People, Folding Legs, Friend Roulette, Mayflower Madame, & Quarterbacks.

Leapling’s “Silent Stone” is a lonely winter

Leapling’s upcoming album, Vacant Page, could be your winter soundtrack.

Leapling, “Crooked”

Breaking the surface with a new album.

Native America, “Like A Dream”

Looking back, while looking forward to their new album.

Zula explores three-dimensional pop

Reactions to This Hopeful include both movement and zoning out.

Week in Pop: Daria Johnson, Son of Stan, Teenager

With support from Atlanta's MammaBear and more.

Zula, “NRGZ”

Pop sensibilities push through well-crafted avant-rock.

Week in Pop: Brasil, Chicks Who Love Guns, Victory

Along with support, and exclusive words from Absolutely Free, & Sirs.

Post Louis, “Your Hotel”

London duo pairs fragile vocals with feedback attack.

Zula, “And More Business”

Taking care of unfinished business, and talking Twin Loss with the Brooklyn bunch.

inflated records

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