j dilla

Tranquil talk with Dog Bite's Phil Jones

With a new record out, Jones wrangles with a patchwork of sounds, samples, and influences.

Myron & E, “Spook E Halloween”

And now another collection of ghoulish sounds…

33 1/3 has a slew of new editions coming through for its 10th anniversary

Featuring album coverage of J Dilla, Liz Phair, Bjork, and others.

Week in Pop: The Doppelgangaz, Kisses, Maxmillion Dunbar, Real Magic

Gather up the pets, families and share the accolades of this week’s winners.

Week in Pop: Balam Acab, Girls, Bake Sale

A pop culture pie in the face of the media monsters

Week in Pop: Zola Jesus, Fanzine, J Dilla

Summer stacks and fffat tracks.

Dilla Birthday Round-up

Celebrating what would have been his 37th birthday.

El-P leaks another from Megamixxx 3

Don't worry, we'll compare it to Donuts – it's our job.

Suff Daddy

A hip hop record for that drink on lunch break and the fountain of drinks after work.

Dilla, why must you torment me?

What If… Dilla Produced The Blueprint?

New: Frank Nitti, T3, Baatin, Illa J, “Homage to Dill” (Prod. by Focus)

This Week In Dilla: Illa J

Listen: Belief

Mixtape: Bullion, Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee

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