james ferraro

Week in Pop: Ana Lola Roman, Apollo Brown, IOLA, Violent Mae

Asante Phenix, Dr. Boogie, GRMLN, GT, PUJOL, Steve Hauschildt, guest selections by Illa J.

James Ferraro is in L.A.

Did the West Coast shine some light on our favorite R&B doomsman?

Another excerpt from James Ferraro's resurrected BODYGUARD project

The king of creepy-sensual does it again.

James Ferraro, “WĒNQUÁN (EXCERPT)”

Hints that James Ferraro is putting the BODYGUARD project back in motion

Orange Milk Records

The two founders defend aesthetic and vaporwave.

James Ferraro, “Domestic Violence”

James Ferraro's vaguely unnerving mystique that keeps on giving.

James Ferraro, “Eternal Condition/ Stuck 2”

Colder than the Cold tape, but channeling the same noir terror for NYC.

Week in Pop: FMLYBND, Hammered Satin, Keep Shelly in Athens, Sensual Harassment

Electric Santa Barbara underground, gonzo glam rock, recollecting with KSiA, "Capri Suntan" in 8mm.

James Ferraro, “Blood Flow”

A fresh look at that numb feeling.

Week in Pop: CCERULEANN, Dinowalrus, Hilly Eye, Nocando

We got your round up of heroes & villians, winners, losers and Chardonnay boozers.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti at The Mohawk

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti arrives in Austin.

New Bebetunes track sounds like the old James Ferraro

Must be all the chimes.

Bebetunes, “INHALE C – 4 $$$$$ MIXTAPE”

James Ferraro's alternate moniker releases first downloader.

Week in Pop: Parentz, True Womanhood, Shimmering Stars

Parentz-al advisory + your weekly round up.

The best music of June 2011

Too much good is never bad.

james ferraro

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