james pants

Week in Pop: Big Bill, Dru Barnes, Step Sisters, Superflower, TW Walsh

Barleaux, Jae Franklin, Stronger Sex, Syvia, Tropical Horses, Witching Waves, ft. guestLushlife.

Stream Bruce Haack’s Electric Lucifer Book II

Hear why Telephone Explosion is doing a second round of the classic reissue.

The Best Music of February 2013

A month of desert punk, San Jose rap, Chicago ghettohouse meets G-Funk, and Nazi sympathizers.

Week in Pop: Bestial Mouths, Friendzone, Heathers, Mobbin No Sobbin', powerdove, Shady Elders

Recognizing and reacquainting yourself with the week you overlooked.

James Pants & Vex Ruffin are KRISTA

We love it now but if this is the furthest the project goes, we'll be pissed.

Crow44, “Love You To Death”

James Pants unpacks a decade's worth of Desmond Pierce's output to curate Crow44's debut.

James Pants' beat archive

Spanning the six years he was determined to be a world famous rap producer.

The best music of May 2011

Thank May for not sucking in the least.

James Pants' Medical Journal of Woes

Rheumatoid Arthritis suspected.

Week in Pop: MellowHype, Moonbeams, Droop E

Your pop forecast and yesterday's recycled papers.

James Pants and his new pair of trousers

Let the invasion of James Pants' privacy begin!

Spoek Mathambo's “Jawns That Make My Nature Rise”

Spoek gets over his James Pants fear, admits to OFWGKTA fandom and gets a boner over Devo.

James Pants croons to his “Darlin'”

When was your last Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® hailstorm?

James Pants, New Tropical EP

It's time for a new vibe to celebrate our day of Independence.

Mayer Hawthorne covers James Pants

james pants

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